About Us

The Arlington Film Society (AFS) was officially created in August 2014 to enrich the cultural experience of the Arlington, Texas community through film and other visual art mediums. AFS believes in promoting the power of filmmaking to bring positive change in communities and promote social justice.

Our objectives are simple:

  • To provide recognition and networking opportunities to local actors/filmmakers/producers and others in the visual arts industry.
  • To provide year round opportunities for the promotion of youth filmmaking and the education of young filmmakers.
  • To expose the work of young filmmakers to new audiences.
  • To display works that express the African-American, Latino, Asian and other ethnic experiences, which reflect Arlington’s diversity.
  • To expose and create a new generation of Arlington residents who can embrace cultural and creative art.
  • To support the local economy and tourism in an entertainment venue.

AFS looks to align with and serve as an advocate for (1) other active arts programs that currently exist in the city along with (2) film programs at The University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant County College and Arlington Independent School District. The creation of AFS would well position these organizations to seek out dollars and programming from national film and arts institutions.

If you are interested in supporting filmmaking and other expressions of visual arts please join us in this endeavor. It promises to be fun and exciting!

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